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What is the Difference Between Copy Editing and Formatting? The formatting service takes care of the document's margins, line spacing, page numbers, and other presentation-type issues. Copy editing, on the other hand, takes care of grammar, punctuation, word choice, etc.

What Type of Editing Do You Do? There are many different types of editing. I offer a copy editing/proofreading service that takes care of everything you will need to have a professional, polished piece of work: Basic grammar such as subject-verb agreement Relative and other pronouns, etc. Correct use of punctuation Correct spacing after punctuation Spelling Hyphenation Capitalization Correct use of italics, boldface, and underlining Correct use of quotation marks as well as punctuation and ellipses within quoted material Formatting of in-text parenthetical citations All other basic editing issues as specified by the APA Manual, MLA Manual, Chicago Manual, or other style guide as needed.

Audio Transcription

Combining general guidelines from up-to-date manuals of style (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.) with the university or other guidelines you send to me, I work to ensure that the precise 
required formatting standards are met.

I can also assist with creating or cleaning up the look of tables, figures, and quote trees.

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There are many levels of copy editing. The service I offer is light copy editing/proofreading.

This service focuses on common trouble spots that are easily overlooked, including errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, typographic errors, etc., and can be combined with formatting services.

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Audio files are transcribed by an actual human being! 

I have transcribed hundreds of one-on-one research interviews as well as other types of audio and video.

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Document Formatting, Copy Editing & Audio Transcription Services

Hello and welcome! Are you ready to get your project polished up and ready to publish? I have been formatting, proofreading and transcribing audio for graduate students, researchers and business professionals for the last 10 years and I would love to assist you with your next project! Full lists of services and pricing can be found on the pages in this site. If you don't see it here, please feel free to contact me via the Contact page with any questions. I will always do my best to accommodate special requests. Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to working with you! - Alexis Antes, Founder, Polish and Publish!

Providing formatting, copy editing and transcription services for graduate students, professors, researchers, and professionals requiring assistance with dissertations, theses, research papers and journal, conference and book submissions.

Copy Editing